OTMA Annual Report 2010/2011

OTMA serves the Oakland community through advocacy and provision of information to encourage good transportation choices by commuters, residents and visitors alike with the goal of increasing the use of modes other than the automobile, reducing congestion and improving the quality of the street environment life in Oakland. The 2010/2011 Annual Report is a series of conversations with their 14-person board, highlighting important projects and accomplishments over the past year. Produced in collaboration with writer Don Bertschman.

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Community Coalition for Haiti Brochure

Community Coalition for Haiti is a non-profit organization seeking community-driven solutions for meeting the basic needs of the poor. These needs include food, health care, shelter, clean water, and educational and economic opportunities. Acting in partnership with local communities and grassroots organizations, CCH has successfully implemented sustainable, long-term solutions throughout its 20-year history in Haiti. This informational brochure summarizes their work for potential volunteers and investors.

Glen Montessori Brochure

The Glen Montessori School is a not-for-profit, child-centered, parent-inclusive school that encourages self-directed learning by providing a stimulating environment where teachers respond to children’s interests using Montessori methods. This brochure provides an overview of their methods and programs and houses important parent information.

EAFab Capabilities Brochure

EAFab is an up-and coming steel fabrication company in Pittsburgh, PA. With this brochure, EAFab seeks to distinguish themselves among big-name companies in the heart of a steel town.

Under the Big Top Invitation

For the 2009 Annual Benefit to raise money for Fox Chapel Country Day School, the theme was Under the Big Top. The fun design uses vintage carnival and circus imagery and typography to interest the audience.

Yee Baby Announcement

A baby announcement, using a traditional Chinese “red egg and ginger” theme.