Allegheny Center Alliance Church Materials


Allegheny Center Alliance Church is a vibrant, diverse church on Pittsburgh’s North Side. It has been a growing part of the community for many years, and it models it’s activities around it’s mission and vision of “Celebrating Jesus in Diverse Community”. The redesigned logo creates a cross in the white space formed by four colored shapes, signifying that it’s diverse people ARE the church, together following Christ. The four colored shapes of the logo have additional meaning in that each color represents one of the ways that the church helps it’s congregants to grow — in worship, grow, serve, and share. Four icons were developed to illustrate those methods.

Following the redesign of it’s logo, this weekley bulletin was developed to effectively communicate the vision and values of the church to both new and existing attendees. Rather than use the standard shot of the church exterior, a photograph of real church congregants was used to communicate that the church IS it’s people. Photography by Jim Judkis

Rhomania Logo


Rhomania is a company currently developing an interactive application that will help users demystify the process of choosing, buying, and experiencing wine by providing accessible, trustworthy, and convenient information. Their name and symbol is built on the concept of “Rho”, or the corelation coefficient, communicating the idea that they are able to help sort user feedback into meaningful data.