JeanAnn Quilts Website by Muffinman Studios

JeanAnn Quilts Website

Jean Ann Wright has been making quilts for over 50 years. She is former editor of international quilting magazine QUILT as well as The Quilting Quarterly publication for the National Quilting Association. She has written numerous books, published over 30 patterns, designed numerous custom trim tools and is currently a consultant to several… Read More »JeanAnn Quilts Website

FlexEngage website by Muffinman Studios

FlexEngage Website

Flexible Engagement Resources is a consulting firm that provides advice and training in the application of Flexible Engagement skills and behavior for clients in corporate, non-profit and other organized enterprises. Its co-founders are Robert Schuetz, MBA and Stuart Libman, MD. Marking their intersection in the Flexible Engagement value proposition, they… Read More »FlexEngage Website

Herbert's War Website by Muffinman Studios

Herbert’s War Website

Herbert’s War is the compelling first book by author Ron Kaiser. A gripping story of devious behavior at the highest levels of our government, and also includes incidents of attempted murder, bribery, and suicide. Learn why Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes joined the White House, the Pentagon and the Army… Read More »Herbert’s War Website

LifeSafetyPro Website by Muffinman Studios

LifeSafetyPro Website

Pittsburgh Firefighter Jeremy Manke wanted to bridge the gap in life-threatening emergencies, so he became the LifeSafetyPro. The Life Safety Pro provides in-home and on-site CPR, First Aid, Home Safety and Prevention Training in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Rob Ruck website by Muffinman Studios

Rob Ruck Website

Rob Ruck is an author, historian, and professor of the history of sport at the University of Pittsburgh. In courses, books, and documentaries, he’s focused on how different groups of people use sport to tell a story about themselves. We recently worked with Rob to build a website showcasing his… Read More »Rob Ruck Website

Church of the Redeemer website by Muffinman Studios

Church of the Redeemer Website

Church of the Redeemer, a progressive, welcoming, and justice-oriented community located in Pittsburgh, PA needed a website update that would reflect who they are. Through bright colors, photographs, and graphical elements, the site welcomes newcomers and expresses their identity as a church.

Weldon Phillips website by Muffinman Studios

Weldon Phillips Website

Weldon Phillips International (WPI), develops strategies that address the most pressing challenges of their clients to make substantial and lasting improvement to performance.

Crossroads Connection Website by Muffinman Studios

Crossroads Connection Website

Crossroads Connection is an all-volunteer nonprofit community service organization that provides a Weekend Food Program for needy children in the public schools of Gainesville and Haymarket, Virginia. We helped them establish a web presence, including a new logo, so they can do more good for more kids!