About Muffinman Studios

We believe that design is a critical tool in the larger communication picture, a collaborative process between us and our clients. Our job is to listen and observe, tapping into our client's knowledge of their products, services, audience, and market. We bring to the table solid ideas, creativity, and new ways of solving problems.

Why muffinman? Several years ago, Hilary started a tradition called “Muffin Fridays” to give friends and coworkers something to look forward to each week. Rather than leave the muffins behind, she brought them along. She is always perfecting her latest recipe.

Hilary MeurerHilary Meurer // Design Principal
A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Hilary has been working as a designer for for 17 years. She has experience in a wide range of project types and mediums, from small identity systems to complex annual reports; from print mediums to web design & programming. She founded Muffinman Studios in 2008 and has since been serving a largely small business and non-profit client base. When not designing, you can find Hilary outside, in the kitchen, swimming, or crocheting. A native of Washington, DC, she now considers Pittsburgh to be her home.

Miles and MatteoMiles & Matteo Meurer // Chief Distraction Officers
Miles joined the ranks of Muffinman Studios in November 2010, followed by Matteo in October 2012. They prides themselves on providing the very best in office entertainment and distraction, as well as expert Minecraft knowledge. No muffin leaves the office without their seal of approval.

Her Majesty Princess ZeldaHer Majesty Princess Zelda // Protector of Realms
Princess Zelda joined Muffinman Studios in November of 2019 after a short stint at Humane Animal Rescue Pittsburgh. She loves hotdogs, children, and belly rubs. In that order. Hates squirrels and the Vet. She keeps her own hours.

534934_10150938104817992_1177027895_nMaple Syrup Meurer // Secretarial Intern Emeritus
After moving to Pittsburgh from her native Celina, Ohio, Maple quickly found her niche as a substandard memo writer. She excelled at sleeping on the job, excessive barking, and stealing muffins. You could frequently find her filling the offices with her favorite tunes by Gnarls Barkley and Snoop Dogg. She has since joined the great hydrant in the sky, where no doubt she is chewing through laptop power cords with eternal abandon.